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  • But then, car makers like BMW have begun talking about laser lights in the future. This would be taking things a step further which is actually what technological advancement is all about. So I guess the future holds an endless list of possibilities where car headlights are concerned. We are talking lights with more precision and twice the brightness we have on cars today.

    With custom made technology, we have had the creation of headlights that can project better with the added feature of following the curves and bends of roads. Although this idea is not so new, as in the past we have had headlights with similar abilities. These were not the best lights made but at least these types did pave a way for future modifications in car headlight technologies. The Audi Matrix with its LED lights that eliminates headlight setting of high and low beam,is also something worth looking forward to.

    The future of car headlights is indeed one fast growing industry. One we have high hopes for. Rick Carter is a graduate of Biotechnology. Driven by his passion for the Environment he has been known to have written many papers on a green future and just why we all need to buy into this big idea of a safer, cleaner environment for all.

    He began a tour last year to various parts of the world in search for specificity and new ways to imbibe green technologies in major sectors. His recent interest has been in the auto mobile industry and so he has been said to have in the pipelines a symposium whereby car makers can be educated on just how much they can do to help in terms of making cars with technologically advanced aesthetics that would require the use of less power. Carter is a proud father of two girls, both of whom he claims drive him everyday to make the world a safer place.

  • 30 June- 2016



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