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Beginning with Solar and Solar power generation, there seems to be a lot of activity in this particular sector. A lot of people are buying fast into the installation of solar panels around their homes. This new more reliant source of energy has kicked electricity bills to the curb. Also this new discovery of renewable solar energy works effectively than all its other energy counterparts without causing the damages they cause.

Solar energy has not only been domesticated as industrially, organizations are already buying into this. Most have begun supporting this whole conversion of sunlight into beneficial energy for man's use. IBM innovators have gone a step further to look into energy sources that are renewable and can work in line with our movements. Information making the rounds has it that this would likely require the same technique employed in the energy conversion of Ultra violet rays.

Another amazing example of reusable energy and technological advancements would be 'Windmills.' Windmills have also paved a way for the future of green energy technology. This reusable energy can also be found in street lights which has greatly helped thousands of cities to save millions per annum on energy bills. With all of these developments, more cities are innovating daily, ways to further improve wind and solar energies in order to cut down costs thus channeling money that would have been spent on energy bills to greater use for the development of their communities.


Although we cannot dispute the fact that this would still cause some problem for those who are in the business of coal and other forms of non reusable energy, we also cannot overemphasize that for a better future for humans and the entire planet at large, green is the ultimate way to go.
Home owners too can be assured that once they purchase the solar or wind powered home equipment, it is automatic goodbye to endless energy bills. So in other words green energy technology can also be seen as free to use energy.

With every sector trying its best to hop on this green technology wagon, trust automobile manufacturers to not be left out as they also have put in work in the invention of some electrically powered cars. The likes of chevy and Nissan could claim to be pace setters in this right while others like Ford are looking to make better what some have started. With a wide range of car makers looking to invest in green technology, we are looking at a Carbon free atmosphere and healthier environment for all.

A this point it would indeed be imperative to say that although it seems like Green Energy Technology just began and the movement for it is quite slow, it still is something worth looking into if we as humans actually strive for a better tomorrow, that tomorrow of our dreams. With that said, we need no soothsayer to say that the future is indeed bright for Solar energy technology as it promises to birth ground breaking innovations with the involvement of a host of innovators and inventors from almost if not all, sectors.
So do not be in a hurry to settle down and invest in today's technology as there is a future which lies ahead. One that is brighter and better without incurring any additional cost. We are indeed looking at a life where living a life of comfort is free for all.




Oh Yes I get that there is more to cars. I understand if you want to argue the fact that a good car is more about functionality, steady wheels, speed and so on. But then you cannot also take away the fact that most cars have become popular based on aesthetics than functionality or capacity. In the world of automobiles, it is always about modifications, who is the first to do what, and who did it better. For car manufacturers it is about invention and innovative ideas that sets them ahead of the rest. The competition here is real. But then, while Engineers work tirelessly to ensure that manufactured cars are functional, that the Engines are perfectly made and that the car is efficient in all ramification, there is also a huge need to ensure that this perfectly functional car doesn't look like crap. Customers are more willing to buy a fine functional car than an ugly functional one.

So realistically speaking, we all want our cars to stand out every time it hits the road. So if there is one thing that gives our car that sophisticated look, it would be the head lights. If for some reason you happen to drive at night, what do you see in your rear view mirror? Don't you see the hundreds of lights blinking back at you? From projector style headlights to the halo type that comes in an array of different colors? The need to have our cars stand out has also harnessed the need to manufacture more custom made headlights. You may not understand this until you pay a visit to your local automobile parts dealer and then you would realize that what may have seemed like an empty shelve (customized headlights section) has now become one of the most patronized section of the store.

For Countries like the United States, known for its undeniable love for automobiles, you would be amazed to know that they are actually still behind in terms of headlight technology and this can be attributed to its restrictive government policies surrounding the use of headlights. This in the past has made Europe more of a leading continent in headlight technology than America. Although it is still a work in progress, restrictions over headlight technology and which to use is gradually becoming a thing of the past, as these laws are becoming more and more flexible and less restrictive. In the car headlight market now, there seems to be a high demand for the ones made from High Intensity Discharge Lights. These HID type lights are lit with the aid of arcs, as against the previous practice of using filaments. Car manufacturers looking to step up their game especially where high end cars are concerned, have also started going with the option of using LED lights. Although it is arguable that these LED lights are in no way the brightest lights in the markets. But then, they have quite a number of designs and they actually require the use of low power. This however gives LED lights an edge over many others. These lights are also not the cheapest as their cost of production is very high thus the reason why only high end cars seem to be the only ones using it right now.


  • But then, car makers like BMW have begun talking about laser lights in the future. This would be taking things a step further which is actually what technological advancement is all about. So I guess the future holds an endless list of possibilities where car headlights are concerned. We are talking lights with more precision and twice the brightness we have on cars today.

    With custom made technology, we have had the creation of headlights that can project better with the added feature of following the curves and bends of roads. Although this idea is not so new, as in the past we have had headlights with similar abilities. These were not the best lights made but at least these types did pave a way for future modifications in car headlight technologies. The Audi Matrix with its LED lights that eliminates headlight setting of high and low beam,is also something worth looking forward to.

    The future of car headlights is indeed one fast growing industry. One we have high hopes for. Rick Carter is a graduate of Biotechnology. Driven by his passion for the Environment he has been known to have written many papers on a green future and just why we all need to buy into this big idea of a safer, cleaner environment for all.

    He began a tour last year to various parts of the world in search for specificity and new ways to imbibe green technologies in major sectors. His recent interest has been in the auto mobile industry and so he has been said to have in the pipelines a symposium whereby car makers can be educated on just how much they can do to help in terms of making cars with technologically advanced aesthetics that would require the use of less power. Carter is a proud father of two girls, both of whom he claims drive him everyday to make the world a safer place.

  • 30 June- 2016



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